Questions about: Stars without makeup
A quiz game about: Do you know these stars when you see them on the street? Without any make-up, just out of bed style and no glamour? Most of them look like everyone else, and a lot of them do not look as good as you.
Question: Yeah, the good, the bad and the ugly - and he is?Sylvester StalloneKurt RusselArnold SchwarzeneggerMel GibsonGet the answer
Question: She is an ironic girl and looks like thatSheryl CrowAlanis MorisetteGwen StefanieAnastasiaGet the answer
Question: This runs in the category: I am just trimming my bodyHeidi KlumNaomi WattsCharlize TheronAlicia SilverstoneGet the answer
Question: Now, who is that cute girl?Cate BlanchettAlicia SilverstoneCourteney CoxKate HudsonGet the answer
Question: Can you imagine that most men on earth would fall in love with her?Lyv TylerPamela AndersonJulia RobertsAngelina JolieGet the answer
Question: She is just a dream..Jodie FosterAngelina JolieSalma HayekAvril LavigneGet the answer
Question: This is just a good-smile dayKatey SagalJuliette LewisAngelina JolieJulia RobertsGet the answer
Question: She is the mother of all bad girlsJodie FosterAvril LavigneAshley SimpsonParis HiltonGet the answer
Question: It´s easy to stay undercover with that hairstyleLisa StansfieldBarbara StreisandLiza MinelliAnnie LennoxGet the answer
Question: You never know your job in about 20 yearsBill CosbyBill MurrayBill GatesBill ClintonGet the answer
Question: Who is that Yankees fan?Calista FlockhartCameron DiazSharon StoneDemi MooreGet the answer
Question: Who has a problem with his skin too?Uma ThurmanGlenn CloseCameron DiazKate WinsletGet the answer
Question: Ouch!Winona RyderSandra BullockCameron DiazJennifer AnistonGet the answer
Question: What is not fake in that face? The sunglasses?Katey SagalGina WildNorah JonesCherGet the answer
Question: She is a nice ponyChristina AguileraGisele BündchenNicole RichieJessica SimpsonGet the answer
Question: What a nice girl she wasHilary DuffLynsey BartilsonDrew BarrymoreChristina ApplegateGet the answer
Question: Don´t be afraid, it´s only...Christina RicciWinona Rider Lindsay LohanKeira KnightleyGet the answer
Question: It´s not so easy to shine on the beachCharlize TheronDemi MooreCourtney CoxWinona RiderGet the answer
Question: Not as sexy as usualJennifer Love HewittCynthia NixonHilary DuffDiane KeatonGet the answer
Question: No comment?Jennifer GarnaJamie Lee CurtisDemi MooreMelanie GriffithGet the answer
Question: We have seen better pictures of this actor, but maybe that was 20 years ago?Sigourney WeaverTori SpellingDrew BarrymoreUma ThurmanGet the answer
Question: I bet you have other memories of this guyJames TaylorArt GarfunkelDan AykroydHarrsion FordGet the answer
Question: You would definately know him with makeupAxel RoseGene SimmonsRon WoodOzzy OsbourneGet the answer
Question: She thinks she´s the most beautiful womanRenée ZellwegerJessica AlbaHeidi KlumGwyneth PaltrowGet the answer
Question: Thats even a good picture of herKate HudsonJodie FosterJennifer Love HewittHilary SwankGet the answer
Question: What a nice hippie girl she wasJulia RobertsGoldie HawnHillary ClintonMadonnaGet the answer
Question: She is from another starLiv TylerUma ThurmanMilla JovovichJulia RobertsGet the answer
Question: A sports girlCharlize TheronMinnie DriverAudrey TautouKate HudsonGet the answer
Question: Her man definately looks betterAngelina JolieWinona RyderPenelope CruzKatie HolmesGet the answer
Question: How sexy...with make-upJodie FosterLiza MinnelliKim CatrallMichelle PfeifferGet the answer
Question: She has to face it - she is oldMeg RyanMeryl StreepSharon StoneMichelle PfeifferGet the answer
Question: Well, she has a younger man so...Meg RyanSharon StoneMelanie GriffithMeryl StreepGet the answer