Create a free quiz game for your website

In 4 short steps you can create your own quiz game for your website, which is completely free. The quiz game is then included into your website via a small iframe window. Your visitors will have a new reason to visit your site, having fun and playing a game. On this site you see a example quiz - all colors and the design can be changed to your needs
I will help you in person if you have questions, email Bodo

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Step 1: Register yourself, so that we can store your quiz game

Step 2: Create a new quiz, and add a describing small picture if you want

Step 3: Add the questions for your quiz game - for the first test 10 questions are enough

Step 4: Design the quiz to your own needs, and finally get the HTML code to include it into your website

If you use an already created quiz, you do not have to take step 2 and 3